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Galleria E3 Arte Contemporanea’s mission is to reflect upon the relationships that exist between science, art, architecture, communication and the short circuits that cause their interaction, to be a seismograph and an element of stimulation through exhibitions, projects, ideas, trends and neo- avantgarde art that give new shape and identity to what is considered aesthetic contemporary creativity. E3 Arte Contemporanea values and promotes cultural research and historically based artistic productions, while looking closely at the areas in which analytic harmony find creative inspiration and forms of experimentation. E3 Arte Contemporanea had its official gallery opening in April 2014 in the historic downtown area of Brescia. E3 Arte Contemporanea’s goal is to create a place (in Brescia) in which contemporary art can be studied and enriched. Within the E3 Gallery, at Via Trieste 30, the display areas have been designed, by De Rossi and Palvarini, to exhibit art but they should be considered “a lab in progress”. The gallery was designed to be a unique space and not as a common gallery, nor as a celebratory exhibition space, and not for fine collections. It’s a laboratory that continues to change, and is something between the artist’s studio and the “direzione della neo-avanguardia” intervening in the cultural life of the city and having a definite purpose: the desire to study contemporary art and research trends in today’s society, selecting historically structured and emerging artists, that are able to demonstrate visual affinities, and Italian and European history (from the 60s and 70s). The idea is to begin a chapter that has still to be thought out and defined. Through both solo art shows and also collective shows the gallery hopes to compare a wide range of artists representing different periods and different styles, each with their own unique language. Our shows aim to give space to new relationships between artists in order to explore similarities. We believe in highlighting a strong empathic experience with a new ethical message. The historic-artistic research from known archives, foundations and institutions, and the attention given to the choice of accredited artists of an international level, are brought together to produce informative catalogs by professional, experienced curators. The orientation towards contemporary art is very important for the gallery, along with the selection of artists with different techniques and subject matter that has strong caracter. The gallery promotes painting, sculpture, and installations, following a definite path, giving importance to that which is deep in meaning and abstractly excellent. Since the spring of 2014 E3 of Brescia, thanks to the skill of the artists and the direction, has become a Center of Analytical Contemporary Art. It’s program and shows are cutting edge, with much attention given to the activities of our Lab, with the desire to providing a space for the younger generation, where they can come to meet and compare ideas. In just the few years since the opening the Brescia E3 Gallery has organized – by itself – numerous projects, both shows and publications in which the following have been analysed: visual arts, architecture, design and familiarità poetica. These have been innovative pioneer projects from which the younger generation can draw ideas and with which they can relate to more and more in today's world.

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