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MONDO GALERIA is a contemporary art gallery centered on photography and design. Located in the heart of Madrid, is located in the emerging neighborhood Justice (Chueca, Alonso Martínez), in calle San Lucas No. 9. MONDO GALERIA was born from the union of two successful projects under one same artistic direction: Mondo Gráfico-diseño inteligente and Gallery Rita Castellote (2009-2012) joining forces to approach a more interdisciplinary reality, according to current needs. "We have focused our efforts to offer a gallery project closer to the present day, closer to our customers and their needs, and of course our artists." Today the ways to communicate, how to collect or enjoy photography is very different from the way it was not many years ago. "Us, as a gallery in Madrid exclusively dedicated to photography, we try to offer a fairly open picture of what happens in the world of art photography. The boundaries between disciplines, styles and trends disappear at a high speed, and we need to be aware of what happens in all areas to be able to synthesize it in a single space." Diego Alonso director of MONDO GALERIA. One of the ways the Gallery uses to reach its audience as counterpart to the closed, exclusive, mystical white cube endorsed to art galleries, is the inclusion of a library of photography, for consultation and sale, the creation of seminarsworkshops and masterclasses related to photography and design, and the more active participation of the artists represented in seminars, guided visits to their work or events, creating interaction between one and other that often end up in creative collaborations. Aware that the photographic image thrives on the arts and design, and also the Visual Arts and design nourish themselves from photography, MONDO GALERIA has opened gaps in collaboration with companies such as Stone Designs designs, L.A. Studio, Vitra, Neutra editions or Espacio Brut, to give our clients an added value, helping them to see photographic works within an environment closer to their private spaces. So Marta Valea, Interiorist, has joined the directing team steering. The exhibits line is based on the work of novel artists and consecrated. Some bring experience and other freshness, to achieve a harmonious balance in the selection of artists and projects which are selected. The gallery has worked in the past seasons with artists from the famous Magnum agency, artists such as Antoine D'Agata, Jacob Aue Sobol and Gueorgui Pinkhassov. International artists such as Laurent Zylberman, Renato D'agostin or Silke Lauffs. Spanish artists as César Ordóñez and Sheila Pazos. The latest exhibitions made in this new stage of the Gallery have been Paco and Manolo "Forgotten Dreams" in collaboration with Impossible Project Barcelona and José Reguera, Victor Stamp "The forgotten Garden" in collaboration with GLORIA TRANSMEDIA Pep Bonet "Röadkill"": Motothead", Pablo Pro "Oxygeme", Carlos Givaja "Australian Dream", César Ordóñez "La Intimidad" and an exclusive presentation for may 2013 of Lawrence Schiller presenting" Marilyn & Me and More. América and the 60'" an exhibition based on the photographs of Schiller Marilyn Monroe swimming naked in the pool few weeks before her death." The season will end with Manuel Geerinck, Belgian photographer awarded numerous times by the Aperture Foundation. International fairs, hard work and passion for photography keep this project moving.

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