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Renata Bianconi founds the Bianconi Gallery in 2004 in Milan in “Brera” district, in via Fiori Chiari 18, with the intent of developping an accurate work of research in the second half of 20th Century Italian Arts sphere. The whole work of the Gallery is so focused on the rediscovery of figures that have been left out or forgotten, in order to encourage an improved attention from collectors, historians, curators and institutions. The aim is to reassess the artwork of strong artistic personalities, which have been distinguished for their artistic version although their independent and individual style, but sill with a close relationship with the social reality and artistic dynamics of the time. In the context of this careful work of valorisation it's inserting the representation to artists such as Mario Davico, Nanni Valentini, Carlo Zauli, many solo exhibitions and the long collaborations with Michele Zaza, the recent collaboration with Ugo La Pietra; as well as the realization of exhibitions like “Vasco Bendini. Il tempo, la luce”, "Un probabile umore dell'idea. Quattro scultori del dopoguerra: Lucio Fontana, Leoncillo Leonardi, Nanni Valentini, Carlo Zauli", “Pensare concreto. Soldati, Nigro, Davico, Nativi, Crippa”, “Winfred Gaul: Die Linie” or the historic and philological reconstruction of the Mario Davico's room at XXXI Biennale di Venezia in 1962, presented to Milano MiArt in 2012 like a solo project, the latest Umberto Bignardi'solo exhibition, proponent of the well-known “Scuola di Piazza del Popolo” “Umberto Bignardi. Una stagione Pop 1959-1968”, and at last the fulfilment of projects such as “ Primo Lavoro. Francesco Jodice e Nanni Valentini” which compare historic and contemporary artists in a language without solution of continuity. In 2010 Renata Bianconi moves the headquarters from Brera district to the current location of the Gallery in Via Lecco 20, in Milan, with the intent of putting beside the historic research which had never been forget – Umberto Bignardi's cited above solo exhibition is an example – a careful investigation of the contemporary art scene. The same distinctive feature that accompanies the research on the recent past, in now applied to the present; the goal is to built cultural projects that might create an added value and a meeting with positive energy for the development of contemporay society, starting with strong visions and individuals artists of our time, both established and emerging. The first project from the Galleria Bianconi in this area is “Click or Clash? Strategis of Collaboration”, curated by Julia Draganovic and LaRete Art Projects. It's a long-term and well-structured path that investigates and analyzes the different possibilities of artistic and curatorial “collaborations” on different levels of involvement, which have to deal with figures and heterogeneous actors that intertwine, meet and “clash” between themselves, from the point of artistically, curatorial, non-profit, market, insitutional, territorial and involving artists such as Cesare Pietroiusti, Via Lewandowsky, Luigi Presicce, Alexandre Arrechea, Gian Maria Tosatti, Yves Netzahmmer, Maria Elvira Escallon, Niklas Goldbach, Isola Art Center, Pablo Helguera, Maria Jose Arjona, Cheryl Pope, Icaro Zorbar; Susanne Bosch. In 2014, the experiences gained in the international arena will bring the Bianconi Gallery to interest in artistic scene developped in Cuba starting from the 80s up to now, starting off the project “Cuban Strategies Perspectives” involving Artists such as Tonel, Lazaro Saavedra, Eduardo Ponjuan, and this will bring the Gallery to collaborate with the 2015 edition of the Biennial of Havana. Simultaneously the Gallery begins the collaboration with contemporary Italian Artists such as Davide Tranchina and David Reimondo, characterized by a markedly personal artistic research. Beside these types of projects, the Bianconi Gallery also realizes interdisciplinary cultural initiatives such as the series of meetings curated by Christian Caliandro “Storia come Natura. Gli anni’70 e Carlo Zauli”, which involve, between May and September 2012, intellectuals, writers, essayists like Massimiliano Panarari, Antonio Scurati, Marcello Fois, Nanni Ballestrini, Marco Belpoliti”, that mixes differents fields of inquiry – cinema, art, literature – attempting to paint a portrait of Italian society of so-called “Years of lead”, marked by terrorism and class struggles.

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