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C23Home is a mental gallery within a geography of places and institutional spaces where we present contemporary art exhibitions. The gallery is also an observatory on contemporary creativity with artists accredited by critics of the Star System of contemporary art. We represent artists with works in line with an idea of ​​appreciation for young art, referring to the art world that does not have access to preferential channels and circuits. C23HomeGallery is a project with a precise identity with artists who share a shared philosophy. A gallery that works with its artists in an itinerant way, with its registered office in Lucca. The purpose is to focus on the development, research, and dissemination of contemporary arts. The gallery hosts projects and exhibitions by national and international artists, discussions and meetings with exponents of contemporary languages. It promotes study activities through artist residencies, collaborates with galleries, associations, foundations, public and private museums and universities in Italy.

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Via Santa Chiara 23
55100 Lucca


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