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Founded in 2007 with the aim of presenting relevant contemporary art positions from emerging international artist with a multidisciplinary overview building bridges to contemporary research. Since its debut in London in 2012, with the premiere exhibition “Nude” by artist Eva Caridi at Ambika P3-Wenstminster University, the vision is to create meaningful and unexpected experiences in the art world with a strong international focus. Along the lines of a sequence of intense studio visits compelling narratives that slow down how we view art emphasize education and art historical context, within the greater vision of the market. December 2014 was established A100 GALLERY in Italy. The gallery represents both established and emerging artists. Since its inception, the exhibition space, an elegant XIX Century building located in historical town centre of Galatina, has hosted a variety of exhibitions, events and cultural programmes such as seminaries and educational workshops. Further extending its program to a wider audience A100 Gallery participates in major art fairs and organizes international exhibitions. December 2016 was founded A100 Gestalt, a Department of Research and Experimentation. The Methodology is based on Gestalt Phenomenology with a existentialist approach that focuses on Visual Arts. Combining skills and competences of artists, psychotherapists, counselours and other professionals it is a hub that inspire people to a healthy and creative lifestyle. In 2017 was established A100 Communication that provides a range of innovative services and creative solutions for the cultural community.

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Piazza Alighieri 100
73013 Galatina


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