To Dream, to Collect


mc2gallery inaugurates the third exhibition of the 2019 season in Montenegro. The protagonists of the exhibition are 7 international artists from different countries: Ratko Odalović, Roman Đuranović and Tadija Janičić from Montenegro, Riccardo Gusmaroli and Giuliano Sale from Italy, Noé Sendas from Belgium, Casper Faassen from the Netherlands, and Mihailo Beli Karanović from Serbia.

In the artistic scenario the windows identify an introspective connotation, symbol of the limit between the universe of the artist and a complex external world. Regardless of the size, the window divides the space of intimate, secret and safe thoughts, from the external world full of fantasies and unexpected, of dangers and seduction.

Eight artists, eight windows through which the spectator will find his own boundary between what he thinks, what he sees, what his inner world is with respect to the view of the external world, the limit between what is real and what is not.

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