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"Vaso" (vase) is group show with the works of Carola Allemandi, Maria Vittoria Backhaus, Alejandro Bombín, Gabriele Brucceri, Michael Conrads, Marco Cordero, Franco Costalonga, Igor Eškinja, Andrea Fiorino, Ito Fukushi, Francesca Gagliardi, Tea Giobbio, Agnese Guido, Diango Hernández, Federico Luger, Manuel Portioli, Ciro Rispoli, Job Sanchez, Esther Stocker, Fiorella Vair.

The exhibition includes artists who stand far from each other in time, in space and in their poetics. What brings the artworks together is the vase they all represent more or less explicitly.

This object - an archetype par excellence - is a protagonist of the history of art, design, craftsmanship and everyday life. The vase is not only an essential container, but also a witness of our private life, a representation of our collective tradition and an emotional transmitter.

Thanks to the works on display, we can outline a reflection on the full and the empty, on the relationship between content and container, approaching the concept of an alchemical vase as a symbol of the soul. The vase is examined as form and as matter: as something magnificent, a kind of matrix, uterus; a live, transcendent and spiritual space.

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