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Starting from Thursday 7 June 2018, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery will host the exhibition "Specie di spazi", an exhibition by Anna Capolupo (Lamezia Terme, 1983). The exhibition renews the association between the artist and the Turin gallery, four years after the first exhibition, which inaugurated the exhibition activity of the latter. The exhibition starts from the reflection on space, intended both physically and psychically and effective, which animates the homonymous book of 1974 by Georges Perec, in which the French author intended to give life to "a bestiary of spaces", which would have shown different species, as is done with the different species of animals. The research carried out in the last few years by Anna Capolupo has her subject of predilection in space. First intended as urban space, traced with architectural expertise and extreme attention to the perspective games, giving life to imposing suburban cathedrals of industrial skeletons, the artist's personal presence in the places portrayed in his rough paintings has gradually become more tangible, arriving at the current form of urban unrealism that upsets the spaces through an increasingly important and mature use of abstraction, both gestural and chromatic. Just like Perec, the artist seems to realize that there are no "stable, immovable, immovable, rooted" places, showing their evanescence in his pictorial works, tracing the almost unrecognizable ghosts of what remains of urban interiors and exteriors. post-industrialists who have long lost their function.


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