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Eve Leibe Gallery is pleased to present SOFT SPOT, a group exhibition featuring the works of Amelia Briggs, Mona Broschar and Manon Steyaert. The show co-curated by Cecilia Monteleone and Selena Cerami is taking place at Numeroventi in Florence, an XVI century Palazzo transformed in Artist Residency.

In 1969, artist Claes Oldenburg said that “The main reason for making a soft version of a known hard object may be (I think more and more it is) to dramatize or isolate the condition of softness. And other conditions such as the response to “gravity” – this condition under which objects appear to exist, and we as objects, as matter, appear to exist.”

An artist working with the concept of Softness is confronting art and its rules and life and its rules. Soft is associated with white linen, puffy clouds, foamy shampoos, squidgy cakes, fluffy sheets, quiet snow, pale light, warm milk. Softness holds expectations in our mind, it has its very own safe space somewhere in our head. But what if Softness becomes confrontational? What if Softness, intrinsically subdued, calming, soothing and comforting, becomes colourful, disquieting, rousing, attracting the viewer’s eyes to eventually make him uncomfortable?

Roundish forms, curving materials, and silky shapes become the viewer’s soft spot, bending him in front of the alluring works of Manon Steyaert, Amelia Briggs and Mona Broschar. Enchanting the viewer with balminess and insubstantial beauty, the works of the three artists give Softness a twofold meaning, where soothing becomes discomforting, where pale and white become flashy and vibrant, where subdued, calming and fragile become powerful, unsettling, existent.

Each artist has her very own way of expressing softness. Manon Steyaert’s work visually references her fascination with fashion and textile. Ruched or dropped, Manon’s silicon flashy and velvety sheets want to mesmerise the viewer, bring him in, closer and closer. Amelia Briggs’s soft sculptures are tactile experiences, attractive and playful, they seduce us. Abstract, inflated, bulgy and loud, Amelia’s works appear to us as familiar objects, as childhood memories from a time that we are unable to trace. Sometimes alien, but inviting, her soft and furry sculptures set the atmosphere for a playroom where all adults are allowed. Mona Broschar’s softness is less literal and more figurative, plastic and sweet, Mona’s work reveals our lustful appetite. Perfectly shaped curves turn at a second glance from a childlike memory to uncomfortable voluptuous perfection. Her paintings are often about this tipping moment: alluring and inviting until what the viewer is looking at becomes too much to bear, creating a disturbing feeling of desire and unattainability.

Text by Cecilia Monteleone

Exhibited artwork

Silicone Toile III

70 x 90 x 5 cm

1300,00 €

Silicone Toile I

70 x 90 cm

1540,87 €


78 x 127 x 10 cm

Contact for price

Treasure Chest

51 x 127 x 15 cm

Contact for price

Cream Saver

48 x 76 x 15 cm

Contact for price


48 x 74 x 10 cm

Contact for price

Delicious III

27 x 37 cm

533,38 €

Gazing In I

120 x 120 cm

1529,02 €

Silicone III

40 x 40 x 5 cm

770,43 €


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