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These are the "Side Effects" that Frank David presents. It is not clear what process, substance, action these effects are from. It is clear, yes, that they are daydreams, fantasies, distortions of reality. Once again the artist plunges into a dreamlike realm, where it is possible to find meanings, metaphors that are more or less accessible... but that are amalgamated in the torrent of the surreal or the absurd.

The color palette accentuates this intention. They are decisive, "alive" tones. It is impossible for them to go unnoticed. And an unprejudiced, playful figuration also contributes, which flirts with the rugged without losing a certain aesthetic pulse. In the manner of certain children's storybooks. Although thinking of "readings" much less innocent.

Frank David has always been interested in history and its "staging". His visual frameworks are not sparse. Details are not lacking. And sometimes the key is in the details.


- Yuris Nórido. Cuban art critic.