“All things are created and destined to be broken someday. I think being
broken and damaged is never a bad thing. All of us develop scars
throughout our lives. But these scars should never be hidden. Our
imperfections can be the birth of something new.”

Hiroki Kiyokawa

It is essential: everything that is created will eventually perish. The artist Jazoo Yang dedicates her art to the traces of the ephemeral. It is damage and injuries that interest you. Details that are more than the whole. As an artist, Jazoo Yang focuses on the real, not the perfect. The fact is, all the scars we accumulate over a lifetime make us who we are. You are part of us. We don’t have to hide our scars as blemishes, says Hiroki Kiyokawa, we should display them proudly. Where perfection means stagnation, imperfection harbors the opportunity to grow. Only where something ends does something new arise.
This principle can be applied to many things. Jazoo Yang finds traces of growth and decay in urban space. The artist, who comes from South Korea and lives in Berlin, goes on forays and collects fragments of the ephemeral. She takes fragments from her environment, documents them and puts them in the foreground. For her, city and nature are not opposites. Urbanity is nature in the urban environment.
In her creative work, Yang experiments with materials and media, looking for breaks. By casting fragments in resin, for example, contexts — including chronological ones — are redefined. She creates collages and forms of expression in which she creates a new field of tension in relationships. She transfers the tensions that she finds in the city and nature into her works and thus opens up various possible interpretations. The boundary between the organic and the inorganic always plays a role here. With her “Thorns” series, Jazoo Yang approaches nature in its rhythmic patterns. To do this, she shaved thorns from branches that she found in various places in Berlin and rearranged them in her works. The result is dynamic objects that lose their organic nature with new associations. In the context of art, they become inorganic and become something entirely new.

Jazoo Yang, who comes from South Korea, lives and works in Berlin. Originally from painting, she opened up to new media and methods as a mixed media artist. So she developed a collage process that drew on her interest in memory, transience, identity, localization and urban spaces. With synthetic resin, she creates objects that oscillate between two and three dimensions and places elements of urban nature in new contexts. Yang deals with forgetting and passing away. With a fascination for nostalgia, she gives space to preservation – but always in the certainty that something new only arises from the past.

Exhibited artwork

Immanence no.38

29.5 x 24.5 x 2 cm



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