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In the exhibition "Romance" Alejandro Bombín creates a dialogue between fiction and emotional relationship. The symbolic dimension of the "novel" alludes both to the ideological inertia of tradition and to the strength of the reproductive technology of the contemporary image.

The distinctive peculiarities of this exhibition are rhyme, rupture and alliteration; as in a novel, the works part of the exhibition contain glitches, as a generation of errors in digital reproduction. The glitch, usually defined as the discrepancy between prediction and outcome, allows us to observe the breaking of the code as an encrypted language of a communication channel. This type of mistake appears in this case as an interruption in the automatic reproduction of pre-established models and structures.

In "Romance" Bombín presents through painting an intimate appropriation of the "romantic" image, which alludes to the need to constantly reformulate emotional ties to prevent the flame of love from extinguishing and resist to the insufficiency of perspective in a reality strongly anthropized.


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