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Of course, the confluence of minimalism, geometry and abstraction is not a guarantee of quality, not even of art. The mystery (and the aesthetic realization) is in the distribution of the elements on the plane: the interrelation, the not always obvious logics that are established. It is harmony, which is an elusive concept indeed.

Emilio Ramos' creations are harmonious. The graphic vocation enhances the ability to suggest. But no speech is ever made explicit. It is a certain "euphony" of forms that convinces and even seduces.

The punctual inclusion of texts could offer handles, but many times it seems to be integrated as one more graphic element. One can glimpse (or construct) certain meanings; but in reality the senses are in the notion of a system. If one were to eliminate any of these figures, one could alter an order, the order.


- Yuris Nórido. Cuban art critic.

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