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In his long artistic career, Stelios Zacharoudis consistently served the expressionist ideals, with a strong tendency towards anthropocentrism and sensual self-expression. There were darker times, when the portraits were distinguished by intense emotional agony, but always with elements of Phobism, intense bursts of color in the need to renew the impulse and, why not, a playful and youthful mood. So, today we come to see the artist reinvent the portrait and the nude model, with additional pop art brightness, with the transparency of a watery mood, completing the pattern with small doses of displacement and a renewed devotion to the form. The influences of the great teachers of the past are strong, but filtered by the personal look of Zacharoudis who remains, in spite of the times, optimistic and clear, inviting us to share some of his own light.

Efi Skylitsi

Art Historian, MAArtsCriticism


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