Home Shows Minor Inconveniences

The title Minor Inconveniences emerged as a contemplation on the dipole between death and humour. On the one hand, as a society, we seem to have some difficulty managing this final stage of existence, while on the other, when it gets too close, humour becomes a survival mechanism (sic).

“Over the last few years, we have faced multiple crises - ecological, humanitarian, financial, health, personal - and through a parallel coping mechanism, we continue with our daily lives, hoping that the system will heal itself.”

So, starting from this satirical title, the exhibition invites the visitor to ask himself what else could be registered as a "minor inconvenience", while presenting works that deal with existential anxiety through apparent humour.


Participants: Vryttia Grigoria, Ioanna Bouzika and Mary Roussioti.

Curation: Grigoria Vryttia.

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 12.00 – 20.00