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Floris Art Gallery, in collaboration with Balloon Project and Preserve Arts, presents the solo show of the artist Paolo Amico, entitled "Manifestazioni di luce".
In the Milan office sited in viale Aretusa 30, will be exhibited 15 works belonging to the Neon and Palindrome Visions series, made by colored ballpoint pens on paper.
The Neon series creates an original link between reality and fiction in which the paper acts as a light source absorbed by layers of ink until obtaining the effect of a real neon.
This results in an inversion of Michelangelo's creative process who stripped the block of marble to bring out the image enclosed in it.
Paolo Amico creates his clear and sharp images by enhancing the luminous properties of the paper medium. The spectator's eye is thus unconsciously absorbed in the search for the light source between the ink lattices.
In the Palindrome Visions each work presents two different points of view observable by rotating the painting. Here, for example, 12 becomes 51 and doom turns into mood.
Paolo Amico thus stimulates the viewer to discover the meaning through physical interaction with the work. The installation will be accompanied by the timelapse video projection of the realization of the works
The exhibition will be accompanied by a text by Bianca Basile.