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Darya Ershad e Janan Nozari

A cura di Cristina Gilda Artese


Gilda Contemporary Art presents LEILI, a two-person exhibition by Darya Ershad and Janan Nozari curated by Cristina Gilda Artese.

Darya Ershad and Janan Nozari question themselves on the theme of female identity and on stereotypes that cannot be defined as “ancient”, as they are still subjects of continuous debate in contemporary times.

Their questions, starting from the strong genetic matrix of Middle Eastern women, pass through contaminations and the gaze turned to new Western female models, without finding certain and absolute answers.

It is surprising that this issue, not at all resolved in an era of hopeful and distant overcoming of certain limits and boundaries for women, is proposed again in even more contradictory terms, in which femininity is no longer translated only into a self-deterministic choice of being a woman - mother or independent and emancipated woman.

At a time in which motherhood no longer refers only to the sex of the parent or to the ability to give birth, being a woman can no longer be identified with this choice, albeit visceral and historically strongly identifiable from both a sociological and ideological point of view.

There are many aspects that can be glimpsed in the plots of about twenty works in the exhibition, almost all of small size, in which fabrics, threads, embroidery, darning weave a dialogue between the two women that goes beyond the boundaries of their origins and addresses the entire female panorama.

Ershad dyes the fabrics she uses with natural pigments and superimposes the transparencies of the materials, almost as if to signify the many facets of a single feeling, letting thin, branching threads escape; Nozari uses undergarments, stockings and tights (the historical symbol of the liberation of the woman’s body) mounted on hoops, which recall embroidery looms and evoke contrasting emotions of intimate fears and erotic expectations.

In the exhibition there is also a work of medium size made in Italy by Darya Ershad but conceived and designed together with her colleague Janan Nozari, currently living in Iran, where words and poetry in Farsi language embroidered on the fabric, merge together uniting the souls of the two artists, biographically different although related.


Exhibited artwork


50 x 40 cm

1000,00 €


42.5 x 52.5 cm

1300,00 €


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