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Modified Arts is excited to present Larry Kornegay + Bill Timmerman: Paintings and Photographs. The two artists are near-lifelong friends and have come together to contribute a seamless body of work highlighting the two’s respective skills and perspectives on art in the desert.

Larry Kornegay has been an artist all his life. His earliest memories are of wanting to draw and make things. Early on, while in pursuit of a BFA in art, it became clear to him that complying to someone else’s idea of what he should create, didn’t work for him. Fortunately, a successful career as an award-winning professional product and thematic designer has afforded Larry the opportunity to be his own art patron and to quietly and perpetually pursue his true passion of making art.

Bill Timmerman's career began in 1976 after attending Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. In 1985 Bill and family settled in Phoenix to begin a freelance practice. A year later, he opened his first studio. In 1995 his emphasis shifted toward documentation work for several prominent architects, and within a few years to exclusively architectural photography, which he considers a best fit for his commercial work. The black & white photographs in this exhibition are a continuation of Bill’s personal photography, which began in 1971, when he exposed his first roll of b&w film. This personal work, made with traditional silver materials throughout, informs the spirit of all the photographic work he makes, including the architectural work.

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