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After the solo shows dedicated to the Swiss artist Hans Jörg Glattfelder, the French Noël Dolla and the German Winfred Gaul, Menhir Arte Contemporanea gallery continues its investigation into European art history after the Second World War with the exhibition Joe Tilson. Opere 1980-2000. 

On the occasion of his 90th birthday, celebrated over the last months by several European galleries, Menhir pays tribute to one of the protagonists of English Pop Art with a solo show curated by Alberto Rigoni, on view from October 11th until December 11th at their Milan venue, Via Giuriati 9. By selecting about 20 works from recent decades, the exhibition aims to convey an overview of his production throughout the years 1980-2000, underlining some of the most recurring topics of his artistic research.  

Once he was over his Pop Art phase, the seductive charm of “Mediterranean classicism” played a crucial role in the elaboration of his expressive language and it brought him to spend more time in Italy, between Venice, Sicily and Tuscany. The warm colours and deep shades of his works originate undeniably from those of the lands he visited and loved during his travels, some also with his family, thereby establishing in them a personal and contingent dimension, whilst at the same time being universal and archetypal, with the integration of their main features characterising the most recent works by Tilson. 

The use of ancient Greek inscriptions, recurrent dedications to Dionysus, the four main elements of nature – Earth, Air, Water and Fire: from the cycles Lyknon, Proscinèmi, Signatures, Conjunctions and Crete di Siena, all result in a wise layering of classic and modern elements. Moreover, the exhibited works want to emphasise the heterogeneous and symbolic role of the materials used by the artist in his research: canvas and paper, ceramics and wood, often created in multiples to constitute seriality, echoing that particular feature of Pop Art.  As a matter of fact, Tilson made a large contribution at the forefront of the English movement.  
Throughout this solo show, Menhir gallery (having collaborated several times in the past with Tilson) want to present an investigation of the expressive complexity of an artist who has been center stage in the European artistic scene for more than 50 years.  

The exhibition is further enriched by a bilingual catalogue, with a critical text by Alberto Rigoni. 

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