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The FIVE PLUS ART GALLERY is delighted to participated at the ART VIENNA 2022, in the Orangery at Schönbrunn Palace. The motto of our booth is an optimistic one: accept the inevitable with courage. The works of Francisc Chiuariu, Bogdan Molea, Critistina Coza-Damian, Alfred Rece and Ion Mandrescu embody this message and at the same time take a critical look at our society. 

Francisc Chiuariu’s work from his series View From Above are a mixture of hyperrealism and dream where the human outline is drawn precisely and concretely and emerges from a dynamic color surface or landscape. Where everybody can find their way in their environment. 

The conceptual artist Bogdan Molea describes his work as “perception” because it involves a personal visual experience where the contrast between reality and utopia generates a spiritual transcendental dimension. The artist explores the concept of perspective and also illusory textile structures which create a ”Virtual Space”. He finds the technical difficulties of realistically rendering the materiality of existing or invented objects challenging, but nonetheless satisfying.

Cristina Coza-Damian’s landscape paintings are inspired from postcards images, deeply imprinted in the collective memory, became the subjective reinterpretation of already existent places and stories that can and must be recounted. The subject of her works from this series are mostly secluded wellness resorts and the extraordinary nature of Europe.  

The painter Alfred Rece wants in his new series New Mankind to draw attention to the transformation of humanity. How the situations we live in, our political systems, pragmatic thinking, changed how we perceived one another and our environment. In his paintings he combines known images of the past with contemporary images, presenting a striking contrast between our past and present.

Ion Mandrescu’s bronze sculptures from his series Man, Time, Space is a deep meditation on the human condition. He shows that people are not trapped in a sphere or a circle, but can determine their own destiny. He transforms amazingly realistic limb studies into powerful, monumental sculptures.