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This year Asia Week New York launched its 11th edition with a roster of expert dealers and institutional affiliates convening to celebrate the field and history of Asian art. The event exists to bring various Asian art galleries together along with museums and auction houses to create a schedule full of events and exhibitions for collectors, scholars, connoisseurs, and casual viewers alike. Asia Week New York has an increasing focus on contemporary Asian art, with the majority of incoming exhibitors specializing in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century works of art. Brooklyn- and Manhattan-based BOCCARA ART Galleries featured two parallel exhibitions:

BOCCARA ART Manhattan Space presented solo exhibition of a famouse Chinese Artist Yu LanYing (Lavinia Yu) — Contemporary Ink Painter. She is a renowned Taiwanese artist, born in 1943, currently lives and works in California, United States.

Ink painting has a very long tradition in Asia. It was used in art and calligraphy, for over 2 millennia. However, in the 1980s, the artists reinvented traditional ink art by adopting influences and practices from the West. Chinese painters started to experiment with the media. That’s how the New Ink Art movement was born. New Ink Art combines contemporary painting with the ancient art of calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.

In traditional ink painting, the brush is more important than the ink, since ink follows the brush to create a line. Contemporary Ink Artists, like Yu LanYing, separated the ink from the brush, thus introducing the abstract into Ink Art. Creative process includes pouring, splashing and rinsing large areas of ink or even using airbrush application to create figurative forms.

The New Ink Art movement has gained international recognition with both Christie’s and Sotheby’s organizing Contemporary Ink painting auctions in 2013 and 2014 with prices ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars.


BOCCARA ART Brooklyn Gallery featured group exhibition of BOCCARA's main Korean Artissts -  Kim Jeong Yeon, Kim Seungwoo and Hyun Ae Kang.

Korean art has become the new vogue, as it continues to intrigue and impress the art world. Traditionally, Korean art was about harmonizing with nature and refraining from expressing in extremities. But with the current Eastern-Western fusion wave, a new narrative is beginning to form. Whether it’s the 2012, ‘Gangnam Style’ or the recent Oscar winning movie ‘Parasite’ by Bong Ho, Korean art is everywhere. From incorporating their native art references with the ever-changing western one to starting their own movement, Korean artists are consistently challenging the conventional boundaries. Here are some outstanding Korean visual artists that have recently caught our eye.

Hyun Ae Kang

Born in Seoul, Kang is a famous second generation ‘Dansaekhwa’ or ‘monochrome painting’ artist. Her work follows a Buddhist and Taoist ideology where she creates abstract paintings and prays before initiating each painting process. She uses the canvas as a surface which is to be multi-layered with meticulously applied, thick paint strokes. The viscosity of the texture and the methodology is reminiscent of her sculptural practices. 

Kim Seungwoo

Seungwoo painstakingly assembles hundreds of thousands of coins and buttons to create hyper- realistic human body figures and sculptures. His life-sized figurines and flowing geometric patterns are made to communicate the question in his mind – ‘Art is Money, or Money is Art?’ These remarkable, detailed sculptures are so hypnotic that they make one temporarily forget that they are made out of a token of monetary value. 

Kim Jeong Yeon

Yeon’s sculptures and installations are an amalgamation of the Korean concept of nature based energies, expressionism, calligraphy and conceptual art. She often uses naturally found materials such as marble and wood, and executes her work in minimalistic patterns and colors. Her installations are often dreamlike, representing an inner sanctuary and sense of security. Their enormous scale envelopes the viewer and provides a sense of comfort and connection with the natural elements attached to them. 

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