BLOOMS IMAGINED  2021:  A Journey into Abstraction


Flowers have long held a place in culture, influencing fashion, design and literature through their beauty and symbolic weight. And for centuries, artists have turned to florals for inspiration.

The 2021 BLOOMS IMAGINED paintings by British Artist Bettina Newbery introduce a world of pure shapes and intense colours. Finely drawn and coloured in a way that the painting may seem simple at first glimpse, but with each new glance, you enter a new colour sensation.

“I extended my 2020 efforts of experimenting with shapes, louder and more vibrant: my 2021 paintings are inspired by the beauty of stunning flowers and sweep away the conventions of colour. The 2021 BLOOMS paintings epitomize my journey into abstraction, using the interplay of colours to bring out the many facets in each of my paintings, allowing them to be constantly rediscovered.”