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Bermuda touches or expands on the concept of portals as a way of navigating across the cosmos. Given that it is physically impossible for our organisms to survive the distance that would take us to reach the edge of our own solar system, the proposal is, that we look at the mystery and intrigue surrounding the triangle, when it comes to disappearances, and consider it as a back door or a shortcut through the vastness of space. Looking at the piece I wanted to capture the exact moment when planetary gravity begins to turn off, thus making the illusion as if the viewer is actively about to cross through. The reason why the work uses stone or rocks is for the viewer to consider them as a possible key material for the point of entrance or exit through the doorway. Being that the theory is considering the pressure of the location of the doorway in terms of the depth in relation to the density of the stone, the theory is even inclined to view that the ship itself could be made out of stone, therefore, also pondering on the possibility that if stone is what makes the ships, it would be impossible for us as human beings to differentiate what is a rock and what is a ship. Also, this would make stone a possible technological material used by an alien species that is more advanced and has traveled through. Having said this, I’d like you to consider also the shape and form of a pyramid, and the question is - could they be ships that have traveled through these portals?

Fun fact: Did you know that on Earth there are 5 other triangles comparable to Bermuda, and 3 of the 6 are over the US?

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