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Photographer Wil Crooymans works with a select group of adventurous models to capture the magic of abandoned buildings in his own way.

The beauty of the models is both in contrast and harmony with abandoned castles, dying industry and churches left alone to their fate. Get moved through the beautiful photographs of buildings, fighting against the ravages of time, brought back to life with female beauty.

"It all started in the spring of 2014 when I bought a new camera. I saw on the Internet pictures of urban exploring, also called urbex. This is photographing abandoned buildings that are usually left to their fate. I saw many beautiful pictures and was hooked. I went on the internet looking for sites and soon visited an abandoned villa in Belgium, armed with camera and tripod.

Quite exciting to enter an abandoned building without permission, but curiosity wins quickly from fear! Once inside I'm in another world. A world of decay, with beautiful colors and details.

I was pleased with the initial results and received favorable responses from my environment. Yet the images for me were still not finished and I got the inspiration to bring the buildings back to life with a model. A female model, vulnerable and naked, wherein the smooth skin contrasts with the rough walls and floors. Naked, to establish no relationship with a particular culture and time.

Both the models and I enjoy every day we are on the road, with Abandoned Beauty pictures as a result! And we want to share them with you! Great to follow your passion!"

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