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Elaine Jeffrey was intrigued by the nuances of light - how it falls, changes, moves and differs. Since she was a child, she can remember "stage-like beams of light filtering boldly through dark clouds ; light racing through tall grasses along with the wind or the mesmerizing twinkles and reflections on the surface of water. These light situations have the power to move and inspire [her] in the same way that a piece of music can - nostalgically, poetically, dramatically and provocatively."

Each piece within the body of work ‘The Language of Light’ has been inspired or instigated by such a scenario. For example ‘Lilac Tower’ is the result of strong summer sun light bursting through the head of a full in bloom lilac tree flower lying on a gray slate tile. Turquoise Tower is muted late afternoon light filtering through a turquoise glass object onto a wooden floor. The body of work is therefore a mixture of being intuitively in the moment and at the same time staged with the resulting images accentuating the color of the object before the camera lens. Color being the way the majority of people perceive light.

The image has little to do with the original object, however, it is the light that makes the object visible to us - thus the title THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT.

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