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This evocative photographic service by Carlo Mari portrays the city of Milan in the moment of its maximum exposure to the attack of an invisible and insidious threat, to which we were all unprepared. The photographer has had the merit of bringing to the fore a new city, not at all bruised or wounded. Rather it evinces a time that slows down, not in efficiency but in ideas. The city reflects and induces to think. Carlo Mari's lens also bears witness to a discreet, but always present presence, that of the carabinieri, who in such a delicate phase, have not "controlled" the city but They have "accompanied" it in this moment of difficulty and pain.

Carlo Mari is a photographer of reportage and advertising. He has traveled the world above and below the seas, with the camera around his neck to tell the stories. Between the '80s and '90s He has published services and covers on the most prestigious Italian and foreign sea magazines.

Later, and for a long time, he documented the wild life of East Africa and was a correspondent for "The Harvill Press" in London. From this collaboration came two important volumes: The Great Migration and Pink Africa. He lives in Africa several months a year, in close contact with uncontaminated nature and tribal populations. A portraitist, for years he has been documenting the beauty (not only exterior) of many populations at risk of extinction.

In 2019 Carlo Mari published, again with Skira, "Passage trough Dar" over 130 black and white images taken by the Italian photographer in the fish market of Dar Es Salaam.

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