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Curated by Luciano Caramel, the Catalogue Raisonné of Arturo Vermi (Bergamo, 1928 - Paderno d'Adda, 1988) presents the creative work of the artist and becomes, through that symbiosis typical of Vermi between commitment to art and existential experience, his true biography, of the man as well as the artist, his feelings, his sensitivity and spirituality. 

Divided into nine sections, each accompanied by notes that introduce it, the Catalogue presents all the known works documented and illustrated, adopting here the criterion of proceeding, as suggested in 1983 by Vermi himself in an Open Letter, "as in a calendar, trying to explain at least the contingent and social reasons that motivated the research". Starting from the informal period of the beginnings (1950s), the true research of the sign as "interpreter of space" is presented here.

From the signs of the early '60s in Lavagne e Lapidi (Blackboards and Tombstones), this gestural expressiveness becomes more and more orderly, leading to Diari (Diaries), a pictorial language reduced to its minimum terms: the sign is incisive and protagonist, it repeats itself with sequences that mark the pictorial surface to the point of being interpreted as writing. As his work continues, Vermi sees the sign as an increasingly minimal line: from the light and irrational Landscapes to the monochrome canvases marked by a vertical rod in the Presences, by two parallel lines at the bottom right in the Figures in a Time Space, by a partially curved horizontal line in memory of the sea wave in the Marines.

Since the mid-60s his work is affected by the proximity of Lucio Fontana, a stimulus to deepen the concept of space "the space outside the earth, the cosmic space". From here, the Approdi (Landing), in which space becomes cosmic and the color light with the application of gold and silver leaf; the Inserti (Inserts), in which space escapes from the structure of the work, thanks to the insertion of gilded or silvered boards in the canvas; and finally the Piattaforme (Platforms), the Esodi (Exoduses) and the Frammenti (Fragments), in which light dominates on curved boards covered with gold, silver and graphite leaf.

Luciano Caramel (Como, 1935), critic and art historian. A life for art and culture, in which the desire to investigate the deep links between the work, its creator and its time is always tenacious.

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