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Stolen Sunset, 2021


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Gallarty, Moscow



60 x 50 cm
23.62 x 20 in







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Acrylic on canvas

About the Artists

1983 Moscow, Germany

Yulia Ani, born 1983, is a full-time professional abstract artist. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Yulia has also lived in the US and France, and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Yulia has a Bachelor's degree in Advertising from MosGU University in Moscow. 

After working in several international advertising agencies, Yulia has started her career as an artist. Studying art at Schule für Bildende Kunst und Gestaltung in Berlin helped Yulia to develop a good foundation of knowledge and skills.  Yulia's multi-layered abstract paintings are like journeys - layer upon layer of exploring. 

Her technique allows each piece of her art to be completely original and unique. She usually works in series, either in regards to the materials used, or in the exploration of a particular idea. Color plays a significant role in Yulia's paintings. Her harmonious and alluring color combinations express emotions and create a special atmosphere, one wants to keep experiencing. 

"My paintings start with a feeling - an impression of the society and culture I live in. There is always a reflection which unfolds through the act of painting. 

Over the years I came to cherish the intuitive aspects of painting. Being in a creative flow is what I love most about being an artist. On the one hand, I let the painting reveal itself and guide me. On the other hand, I love to solve the puzzles that arise in the process of finding balance in painting."  Yulia's paintings are made with professional acrylic paints as well as other mediums like oils and inks. Her works are found in private collections around the world. 


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Created by women for women, artists for artists, Gallarty gallery is free from taboo topics. Our world is still full of prejudice. We all still live in the ” world of men”, and in the lists of successful and wealthy women are in the absolute minority. Art is not an exception. Cliches and condemnations caused by national, stereotypical and even legal ...

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