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500 EUR

Untitled 05


500,00 €


21 x 30 cm
8.27 x 12 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Yerin Seo, "Untitled 05", 21 cm x 30 cm, work on paper, 2020.

1984, Korea, Republic of

"From 2012, I actively performed as a singer-songwriter in Korea but ran across hard times like vocal nodules. I had to refrain from singing and even talking from time to time. While those periods, I started painting from 2013 because I had to express my creativity anyways. Drawing means mostly recovery for me because it was the only way for me to stay creative while I had to recover from hardships."

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Treviso, Via Campania 5

CONTEXT ART GALLERY is an international art gallery specialized in contemporary art. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of established and mid-career contemporary artists, with a special focus on abstract, non-figurative art, photography and sculpture. In a time when fast communication and media have a direct impact upon our lives, the gallery conce...

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