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34 x 34 cm
13.39 x 13 in







1922 Warsaw, Poland

He was born in Warsaw in 1922. He studied in the studio of Felicjan Kowarski at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where he then lectured in the years 1954 - 1961. He made his debut in 1949 at the Club of Young Artists and Scientists. He was a co-creator of socialist realism in Poland and the author of the most famous works of this period. He was a co-creator of the global successes of the Polish poster. He opened the chapter environment in world art. He constituted op art with his paintings. He is the author of the concept of positive illusion space. In the work of the last quarter of a century, he illustrated his situation in the world of electronic media, in fact reevaluating the weight of the original and authenticity, foundation and tradition. In 1961 he left Poland. In the years 1962–64 he stayed in Paris. Then in the years 1964 - 1965 in Berlin on a Ford Scholarship. In 1966 he settled permanently in the United States, where he collaborated with with the New York "Galerie Chalette". In the years 1966–83 he lectured at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, N.Y. In the years 1967–68 he lectured at Harvard University. In 1999 he returned to Poland, where he remained until his death in October 2015.

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Warsaw, ul. Wspólna 53/2

Galeria Szydlowski was founded in 1996 by Stefan Szydlowski, who already had created Gallery Library in Legionowo (1990-1994) as part of the institution he was running. Already back then, he had close tights with artists such as Erna Rosenstein, Edward Krasinski and Koji Kamoji, who not only participated repeatedly in exhibitions at Gallery Library, but also...

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