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37 x 38 cm
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Fratres Bronze Sculpture Boys Brothers Male Nude Figure Marble Stone

Van der Kant desires to sculpt young people who still stand uninhibited and curiously in life. The reason he chooses to sculpt boys is, because he is one himself, this way the subject is closer to him. The anatomy of his figures testify of perfectionism. Van der Kant's subjects show similarities with the sculptures from the Greek and Roman antiquity, where youngsters were admired for their vitality and naivety.

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1949 Kampen, Netherlands

Wim van der Kant (b. 1949, Kampen) is a self-taught artist. In addition to his busy job as a teacher, he is an inspired sculptor. Only when his work met his own perfectionist conditions did he decide to go public and show his work to the world. Since then, starting in 1995, he has been exhibiting at Morren Galleries. Van der Kant likes to make sculptures of young people, who are still curious and uninhibited in life. The reason for sculpting boys is that he himself is of the male gender. He believes that artists produce better work when the subject is close to them. The anatomy of the figures, which he sculpts, show perfection. The sculptures show similarities to Greek and Roman antiquity, where youngsters were admired for their vitality and naivete.
Because the anatomy and small details in the sculptures are of great importance, the artist does this sanding and patination all by himself.

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Utrecht, Oudegracht 338 - 340

Morren Galleries, was founded in 1993 by Eric Morren. The gallery is located in Utrecht at the Oudegracht 340 between the Dom Tower and the Central Museum. Since its founding Morren Galleries represents established and upcoming artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world. At Morren Galleries quality and authenticity are concidered of essential ...

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