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30 x 40 cm
11.81 x 16 in







Acrylic on Canvas framed by Southgate Gallery Exeter to Guild Of Framers Museum Standard.

, United Kingdom

"William Oxer is not merely a painter; he is a distinctive sensibility, with a poetic vision he explores in many media. His art is affirmative, evocative and forgiving. His work offers us, in short, a return to the true and serious tradition."

Professor Roger Scruton F.B.A F.R.S.L (Camb.)

"William Oxer's paintings represent a strikingly fresh current in contemporary art. His work is experimental, and he is also willing to take on larger themes as well as demonstrating a delight in detail and minutiae. Very few contemporary artists paint so consistently well."

Dr David Morley, University of Warwick


I have been painting professionally for over 30 years, undertaking both portrait commissions for private clients and producing artworks shown in art gallery exhibitions.

My previous engagements include creating large-scale painted designs for interior projects in historic houses such as Buckingham Palace, Goodwood House, Petworth House and Hatchlands Park. My skills have enabled me to undertake many varied projects including period decoration and exhibition design in such places as Christies, St James (William Beckford Exhibition) and the Building of Bath Museum.

At Hatchlands Park in Surrey, I worked with Alec Cobbe, restorer and interiors expert. ‘The experience was something that defined how I wished to work.

Living in a country house amongst historic keyboard instruments, producing hand-painted schemes for some of England’s finest houses and surrounded by hundreds of beautiful paintings allowed me to think upon my own work, quietly and studiously, in an environment that promoted beauty and rigorous thought.

I am perhaps something of an old soul. My works are restful and somehow quiet, demure, elegaic. I enjoy the evenings of autumn and winter by the fire, painting smaller, more intimate and reflective works, although in the past few years I have enjoyed working on a much larger scale. Perhaps this is a distant feeling of past roots of the north.

A large painting, yet to be chosen, is to be auctioned at The Palace Of Versailles in May 2021 at the Royal Versailles Ball. Prior to this the work will be on display at a Reception at the The British Ambassador's Residence in Paris.

This is in the rue du Faubourg St Honoré, furnished with masterpieces of French Empire furniture and decorative arts, English silver, and paintings by British artists.

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Exeter, -

I have painted all my life; professionally for over 30 years. I undertake both portrait commissions for private clients and create artworks shown in various gallery exhibitions. I have also spent many years working in interiors and historic spaces. This includes helping create large-scale painted designs for interior projects in historic houses such as...

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Eis in the sky


45 x 60.5 cm



180 x 200 cm

27000,00 €