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1150 EUR

Sotto la Superficie


Dated Titled



40 x 100 cm
15.75 x 39 in







Acrylic and paper on canvas.

1985 , Italy

Valeria Marini, born in 1985.
Valeria was born in Rome to an Italian father and a Venezuelan mother. She attends classical studies and painting and drawing courses to learn basic techniques. After a law degree, she rediscovers her passion for painting thanks to her motherhood. The abstract style dominates the canvases and drawings, but what distinguishes Valeria's works is the continuous desire to experiment with techniques, materials and colors. This is how recycled cardboard panels and colors mounted on canvas are born.

"'Life is too short to stand still'. Movement and curious experimentation are the basis of a truly lived life. So for me it is also in painting and drawing. I love to experiment with various techniques and combine them, as well as colors regardless of their texture. I'm always looking for different materials to paint on to find something new and unexpected ”.

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Milan, Via Romolo Gessi, 28

Looking For Art Gallery is a place of artistic and cultural exchange for hundreds of under 35 artists gravitating around our project. The final goal is to create new and better growth opportunities for young artists, who can find in our Gallery a place where they can express, experiment and share art in all its facets. It is a space where innovation and de...

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Water World and Land World


33 x 33 x 3 cm

600,00 €