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Traveling Museum, 2020


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45 x 36 x 7.5 cm
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Ugo Nespolo's Limited Edition stems from the need to conceive the work of art as an element of union between the artist and the public, shifting the focus of this relationship from a purely aesthetic contemplation to a more intimate participation.

Pushing his research into the history of art, Nespolo rediscovers the spirit that drove Duchamp to create his Boîte-en-valise and renews it in the light of our times.

The work of art no longer requires large installations and a mere visual contemplation, but it becomes the substance of a relationship that makes the public participate in a personal reading operation (and therefore experience). The work is, in this way, debatable and can have infinite variations, independent of the artist's first and creative will.

Ugo Nespolo's portable museum consists of a case that can be transformed into the wings of a theater, on which reproductions of the artist's works can be freely arranged.

The Limited Edition is printed in 90 copies and is accompanied by the multiple "Nulla dies sine linea" signed by Ugo Nespolo.

About the Artists

1941 Mosso, Italy

IUgo Nespolo (born 29 August 1941 in Mosso, Biella) is an Italian painter and sculptor, particularly known for his experimental films, his applied arts works and his artistic collaborations in advertising, theatre and literature. Nespolo graduated at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin with Enrico Paulucci and obtained a degree in Modern Literature at the University of Turin, with a thesis on Semiology.

His career as an artist started in the 1960s and his work was influenced by Pop Art, which was becoming popular in Italy in those years, conceptual art, Arte Povera and Fluxus. he met and appreciated these movements during his frequent trips to the United States. After the first trip in 1967, he regularly visited the States, where he spent long periods especially during the 1980s. Since then, irony and transgression are part of his art and characterise Nespolo's work in the years to come. Since 2010 he has been member of the Honour Committee of Immagine & Poesia, an artistic literary movement founded in Turin, with the patronage of Aeronwy Thomas (Dylan Thomas's daughter). In 2016 he signed the pptArt Manifesto[6][7], an international art movement that promote many notable initiatives like the Corporate Art Awards.

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