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Je suis un amoureux, pas un tueur...


Single piece Signed Titled Framed



150 x 120 cm
59 x 47.24 in







Acrylic on canvas The Kivu region of the DRC has been ravaged by war for nearly 20 years. The artist denounces the fate of child soldiers. Children are taken from their parents at a very young age, to become child soldiers. The artist denounces this state of affairs. About this work on child soldiers: "Fusitare:FUS-il+gu-ITARE" (rifle-guitar):The tool of Humanity's Annihilation (the gun) becomes an instrument of fulfillment, transforming itself into a musical instrument. With the brain back, the heart vibrates and makes other hearts vibrate. Here, artist Thierry Vahwere aka TvCroky brings about a mutation: From gun to guitar. From War to Leisure. From death to life. This "Transmutation" is made possible: thanks to demobilization programs for child soldiers, orchestrated by NGOs... Awareness on the part of the beneficiary (the child soldier) is the real guarantee of the beginning of healing.

, Congo

TV CROKY is a self-taught Congolese artist born in 1985 in Goma, DRC, in the Kivu region. He lives and works in Goma.

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