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Ode to Joburg (7)


Signed Dated Titled

From the series Ode to Joburg



42 x 59.4 cm
16.54 x 23 in







Hahnemühle Archival Paper

1988 Johannesburg, South Africa

Toka is a street and documentary photographer whose work focuses on narratives that are often muted or seldomly portrayed in mainstream media. He also has an interest in documenting the obscure and taboo crevices of our society. He has been exhibited at Gallery One11, Keyes Art Mile and Millepiani Gallery in Rome through LoosenArt. He is also a social entrepreneur who runs an independent Pan Africanist Cinema out of Johannesburg called Bantu Scope. He is also a cinematographer, director, producer and writer. As a television producer, he is a 2018 South African Film & Television Award recipient for a children’s extreme sports show called Xcellerate. As a writer, his work has been published in Lowle, People’s Stories Project, Lets Be Brief, Xeno Zine, Something We Africans Got as well as Between 10 and 5.

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Gallery Fanon is motivated by a belief that a gallery can be culturally and socially impactful. The gallery's goal is to promote exceptional artistic thinking and provide a community space in Joburg CBD for discourse and creativity. Working across all contemporary and traditional art forms, Gallery Fanon empowers the local Johannesburg art scene, while infor...

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60 x 70 cm