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Concrete Head




22 x 50 x 17 cm
8.66 x 20 x 6.69 in







Concrete Head Figurative Abstract Geometric Figure Grey Contemporary In Stock

1956 Recklinghausen, Germany

Junghans (1956, Recklinghausen) creates abstract sculptures in stone, wood and bronze, mostly torsos and primal portraits, in a primitive, cubic and expressionistic imagery. He also paints and makes ink drawings. His sculptures are monumental and robust of character. Thomas lets the material of the statues speak for itself: the figures and heads seem to have gotten their form by only a few striking hacks. Nothing is less true. Thomas speaks of a ‘controlled sort of drunkenness’ as a state of mind when he works. Everytime when he works, he has to overcome a sort of paralysis. Because he knows, as a sculpturor, that if he does something at the wrong moment, that it can happen that he messes up the special tension or composition, or even worse destroy it. With their natural grace, his sculptures, represent somewhat an archaic, unknown nature. His way of working points back at the original shapes, where not reality is the inspiration, but imagination. This way he emphasizes the indepent character of the sculpture.

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Utrecht, Oudegracht 338 - 340

Morren Galleries, was founded in 1993 by Eric Morren. The gallery is located in Utrecht at the Oudegracht 340 between the Dom Tower and the Central Museum. Since its founding Morren Galleries represents established and upcoming artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world. At Morren Galleries quality and authenticity are concidered of essential ...

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