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Traces A, V


Single piece Signed Dated Framed

From the series Traces



40 x 60 cm
15.75 x 24 in







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Artist's Statement:

"This series is mostly about me, my life and the people around me. The work is mixed media on canvas. I am using oil paints, pastels and collage of pages from my old sketchbooks, from journals and photographs of myself and people who are close to me. I am exploring the journeyof my life until now - the factors that affected it, the elements that altered it and the influensces that are still echoing in this process. there is strong sense of memoirs of my life and I specificaly explore the trajectory between the past and the present. The self-potraits in the series reflect on the process of the personal discovery of my influences - how they formedwho I am today. All in all, in a simple sentence the work is a narrative of who I am and who I became - the person I am today."

Exhibition Cataloque

1978 Larnaca, Cyprus

Thekla Papadopoulou (b. 1978) is an established Cypriot contemporary artist based in Larnaca, Cyprus. Papadopoulou has presented five solo exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece, and has also participated in numerous group exhibitions internationally, including Paris, New York, London and others. In 1997 she graduated from the American Academy Larnaca and was admitted in the Academy of Fine Arts “Raffaello” of Urbino, Italy, where she followed a four year program of study in Contemporary Art and Painting. She graduated in 2002 with distinction. She is also involved in art education as an art teacher at the American Academy Larnaca.



Thekla Papadopoulou’s practice as a contemporary painter is centred around the essence of natural landscapes and phenomena, through an experiential and intuitive approach towards materials, surfaces and aesthetics. In an attempt to draw viewers within visual phenomena that reflect these notions, the artist is using abstract painting to depict fragments of an intimate and rather intriguing relationship with surrounding nature. Papadopoulou’s practice entails from a range of resources, in terms of concept, research and materiality, which are then harmoniously combined within striking and elaborate surfaces presented as aesthetic and conceptual objects for interpretation, part of a wider dialogue of personal expression.

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Larnaca, 11, Ioannou Gladstonos, Nikolaides ONE, shop 3

The O gallery is an independent commercial art gallery operating from our split level space in the heart of Larnaca. Our primary goal is to promote the existing generation of artists and also develop the next through exciting and engaging exhibitions and events. Our focus is to display original artworks that are not always going to be about the name but m...

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