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700 EUR

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Single piece



50 x 40 cm
19.69 x 16 in







, France

Semor is a French designer and muralist, he currently lives in Nantes.
Design is central to his work. His research in the studio allows him to practice and experiment with various supports and media. He takes advantage of the outdoors to offer large format images in public spaces. Semor transmits his energy and his dynamism in the service of images implanted in a unique context each time. His need for meetings and exchanges leads him to take part in artistic collaborations through projects both in France and abroad.
With his distorted and labyrinthine universe, mixing figurative and abstract, his compositions are crossed by elements such as architecture, transport, nature, industry, mechanisms... Influenced by the urban spectacle, he recounts situations which mix reality and fiction, through phenomena of accumulation and staggered scenes, populated by various characters and objects.
Semor offers mazes of images that are pretexts for various readings and call for reflection on our time.

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Paintings 56 x 76cm

1100,00 €


Paintings 40 x 50cm

700,00 €


Paintings 40 x 50cm

700,00 €


Paintings 40 x 30cm

540,00 €

Traffic Jam

Paintings 50 x 40cm

700,00 €


Bordeaux, 1 Place Paul et Jean-Paul Avisseau

La galerie MAGNETIC se conçoit comme un laboratoire qui explore le langage des Arts aux influences urbaines et inspirations plus lointaines, figuratives ou abstraites, entre spontanéité et recherche de perfection. Cet espace transversal vous invite à découvrir la diversité des styles picturaux et des processus créatifs pour offrir un panorama exclusif...

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