The Footsteps of Silence - Battersea Power Station, London

About The Footsteps of Silence - Battersea Power Station, London

Limited edition of 7.
Rome and London are wrapped in delicate snowfalls that change their appearance, transposing them into tiny lost mountain towns. Nature subsumes the metropolis, silencing its noises and softening its pace, scaling life down to a more peaceful and contemplative dimension, at least on the surface. A sequence of subtle and poetic images is the result. Dreamlike postcards, laden with a powerful visual and psychological impact. Ordinary sights become allegorical, prompting the audience to look anew at reality, with more rigour and creativity.
The technical skills through which Barbara achieves her result provide a primary role to the editing phase instead of the shooting itself.
On the other hand, the picture cannot be properly defined artificial; far from being the result of a digital technique, it is the propaedeutic condition that opens up to the possibility of digital intervention.

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