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White Square on Blue


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



57 x 47 cm
22.44 x 19 in







1934 Tokyo, Japan

TAKADA Hisaji was born in 1934 and passed away in 2014. He was the orthodox lineage of Japanese abstract art. In the early years of TAKADA’s practice, he meet Niki Wataru who taught him about abstract painting which was influence by the French.

NIKI Wataru whom was the heir of SAKATA Kazuo had immense exposure of the western abstract painting since SAKATA returned back to japan. SAKATA was the pioneer of Japanese abstract artists that previously served Fernad Ledger as his assistant in France. 

The tradition that TAKADA inherited from SAKATA and NIKI was anti-authoritarianism and anti-commercialism. 

In the artists’world, or the closed society of Japan, people sought higher status and authority, and tried to sell their works as high as possible. TAKADA totally opposed such phenomena and lived only to paint abstract art. He believes that art expression should be appreciated by what they are and not by how it was associated. 

Therefore, SAKATA, NIKI and TAKADA’s works were not highlighted on the main stream abstract artworks. To date, a few collectors who know their value and have been following them closely only prize them. As the recent Japanese abstract art started entering the spotlight, they have been discovered by many. From now on, SAKATA, NIKI and TAKADA are going to be noticed by art collectors all around the world. 

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