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2400 EUR

Don't lose your head


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



110 x 130 x 2 cm
43.31 x 51 x 0.79 in







"Don't lose your head" (2020), acrylic on canvas

The artwork is dated, signed on the back and ready to hang. An original signed certificate of authenticity will be included.

1966 Frankurt am Main, Germany

The visual artist Susanne Kirsch, born 1966 in Frankfurt, lives and works in Rodenbach, Germany. Her career leads her to new projects and challenges - in life as well as in art. While studying color painting from 2017 with Professor Jerry Zeniuk and Ingrid Flo  at the Academy of Art in Kolbermoor and Bad Reichenhall, Susanne gives her painting groundbreaking accents. Through the interplay of colors she creates in her multilayered compositions, she skillfully creates the illusion of spatial depth. She gained international recognition through exhibitions and art fairs, as well as through publications in international art books. Susanne's works are held in private collections worldwide.

Artist Statement

„My art gives me the feeling of freedom and provides me with those special moments of happiness that I celebrate so much. I paint for so long on my abstract, large-scale works - with acrylic paints, brushes, spatula, putty, charcoal, oil pastels, broom, etc. - until this moment of happiness occurs. I am virtually on the hunt for it. My art lives from the view behind the facade, it is a symbol for the unusual and the peculiarities that make life colorful. This imperfection has an irresistible charm and is a source of inspiration for me. My goal is to challenge, to surprise the viewers. I want to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities in life and to engage in new things, to evolve and grow. Should I? Could I? Would I?...DO IT!!! is my motto. I want to break through the ordinary and stimulate thinking. Because if we strive for innovation, we can gain valuable life experiences and contribute to making our world an even better place. Through my work I pave the way to emotions, invite to reflection and create the opportunity to deal with the inner world.“ - Susanne Kirsch


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Hamburg, -

ZContemporary is an art gallery based in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in the management and promotion of visual artists with a focus on abstract painting, as well as art consulting for institutions and individuals. We believe in the inspirational and creative power of art on all levels of society. Our goal is to promote our artists, increase their visib...

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