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Santa Cruz Downtown

Signed Framed



45.72 x 60.96 cm
18 x 24.00 in






Acrylic on canvas.

Colorful vision of Downtown Santa Cruz, CA, with many merging streets and crosswalks. Can you catch a glimpse of the famous Boardwalk?

1947 , United States

Susan L. Brown is a contemporary artist based in Santa Cruz, California. An artist since childhood, Susan won awards as a student in Ohio, including as Statewide Student Artist at age 12. Moving to California in 1978, she continued studying drawing and painting at College of San Mateo, San Jose State and UC Santa Cruz. In addition, she attended painting workshops taught by leading instructors, including figure studies, acrylic and oil painting technique. During 2020 and 2021, she studied portraiture painting, up to 9 hrs.per week, in order to better add human emotion to her paintings. Her “Location” series combines geometry, architecture, landscape and portraiture to express special places and situations that are important to her. Susan has taught painting techniques privately and through various city recreation departments throughout California. She teaches painting workshops at Ghost Ranch, NM. Her work appears in private collections; both non and commissioned. She is featured on an international arts site which describes her art and process in detail: https://zoneonearts.com.au/susan-brown/ Her work supports the non-profit Homeless Garden Project Store in Santa Cruz, CA, which sells her cards and prints. Susan donates 50% of all sales.

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