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Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Lito Fabric Insert

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41 x 53 cm
16.14 x 21 in








Lithograph represents the original work of the artist.

All the Lithographs with fabric insert by Stefano Bressani are unique pieces.

Bressani's intervention on the lithography leaves the mark of the original technique. Each paper is characterized by the fabric insert, of which the original works "Sculture Vestite" (Dressed Sculptures) of the Artist are entirely made. The method of insertion, the act of material positioning and the same intervention are sealed by means of signature and dry stamp on each lithograph. Document of authenticity signed by the same Stefano Bressani will be issued at the time of sale.

1973 Pavia, Italy

Stefano Bressani was born in Pavia, a city where he grows and lives and where he refines his sensitivity for beauty. Although always remaining in a separate position with respect to contemporary artistic currents, his early works reveal a language oriented towards reducing the interpretation of the subject to a few signs, aimed at a radical synthesis, composed of rapid lines, of the figure, allowing them, in order to develop a unique and personal artistic language, unique and personal. Works that if on the one hand suffer the fascination of the dominant informal current, on the other never remain "entrapped" by it. carrying within himself a deep desire towards the figurative in a representation brought to the limits and that will behave over the years to his stylistic mark. Compositions where the path of life and the artist's impulse to create are indistinguishable. Creator and founder of what he calls "Art Tailoring" he is the discoverer of a new way of expression where High Craftsmanship and Art merge together, in a synthesis deeply connected to his hard-working land of origin and the path of life undertaken and performed with the sobriety and competence that distinguish those who have not arrived in art through academies or contests but have conducted their studies by observing, interpreting and rendering, with sincerity and creativity, the story of art as the story of life. All Bressani's work contains in itself emotion and reason, passion and rigour, even when the theme is apparently playful as in his colourful architectural visions “SKULTOCITY”, his bucolic fantasy has become a trademark “MALIUMBAS ©” or the multi-handed portrait cycles, a true photographic biography, "SB PORTRAITS". Of extreme conceptuality, but also evidence, full of a disturbing foreknowledge of an existing and coming social sickness, are his works linked to the cycle "KAOTIKA WITHOUT TIME", where the colour disappears leaving space only for black and white, producing spells of full and empty spaces, shadows and lights, restless thoughts reordered in a ended space. Sculptures that incarnate a solid vision of collaborative reality with the business, social and artistic world. His work has found a way to compare with the most diverse aspects of social creativity as in "FOOD_". where we find synergies with well known chefs or his collaborations with the world of footwear and fashion in general by interpenetrating his personal artistic vision to the author's design. His works are exhibited in prestigious collections in Italy and abroad and have participated in major art exhibitiotions.

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Milan, Via Curtatone, 4

Established in 2015 and located in the fashionable Milan’s city center, Expowall Gallery is a fine-art gallery focused on the representation of contemporary Italian photographers who mostly worked on landscape and architectural photography. The aim of Expowall, founded by Pamela Campaner and Alberto Meomartini, is to present and promote the Italian contemp...

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50 x 50 cm

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