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La belle promenade - René Magritte


Signed Titled



30 x 37 cm
11.81 x 15 in





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This work is a pop art reinterpretation of René Magritte's iconic style. In fact, instead of the typical human form, the scene shows the outline of a little Lego man inside a green hedge. Inside the opening, there is the typical blue sky with some white clouds, a recurring view in Magritte's works. On the low wall, there are two grey Lego bricks.

The work is a tribute to the great master of art, of which this work has all the distinctive elements. This original narrative reinvents and reinterprets numerous masterpieces from history.

The work is numbered 13/150 in the lower left-hand corner and signed in the lower right-hand corner where it also bears its original stamp.

1980 , Italy

Stefano Bolcato is a Pop artist who lives and works in Rome.

He began his artistic career as a self-taught artist in the 1980s, focusing mainly on the graphic representation of landscapes. Subsequently, he enrolled and graduated from the School of Ornamental Arts with a specialization in the Free School of Nude at the Academy of Fine Arts, thus receiving an academic training. During his studies, he followed an evolution that led him from the use of drawing to the chiaroscuro technique and finally to the use of oil painting.

This initial input inspired him to use Lego men as the subjects of his works, which are in fact a legacy from his childhood. He associates games with the ideal characteristics to embody the story and tell it effectively. Through Lego constructions he manages to assemble very distant things that interact with contemporary reality through a playful and captivating setting, encompassing multiple news themes.

The peculiarity of his production is that it follows a transversal path, although Lego are colourful elements associated with childhood, he makes them tell current affairs and news stories. Themes and subjects vary in his artistic proposal, a research that moves between metaphysical atmospheres, social themes and a particular attention to the value of artistic and cultural heritage.

The collection in the gallery is dedicated to the great masters of art, which are readapted and inserted into a lively and playful narrative that offers a new and novel meaning to the viewer. 

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