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850 EUR
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Ideas in Mind VII


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Foreign Bodies



30.5 x 41 cm
12.01 x 16 in







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Pencil, charcoal, soft pastel and acrylic on canvas

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Nicosia, Cyprus

Acceptance. Concept that concerns me until today. Pursuing the human body tries to substantiate and reveal inaccessible aspects that I have never dared to awake. An attempt to shake the stagnant waters of an inner dignity, that stirring the riddles which reconstructs and identifies the truth.

The art works’ idea begins as the “thin line” that defines death and eroticism –in all its magnitude- by the body as benchmark. As a conclusion is a research based on the deformity, “illness”, human experimentation and post war data, based on that particular research field changed from the embodiment of the subject to the acceptance of personal information. All the different elements that were investigated in my art work are presented through the dominating theme of mixing bodies.

Forms entangled, mixed up, sometimes interlaced and sometimes alone shape the composition of the surface as intangible entities to a nonexistent/absent space. The subconscious consolidation of human being – anthropocentric drawings – led to the teratogenic creations, where the integration of innocence body together with the ugliness of a teratogenic form turned out to be the main theme of my work. Having a realistic suspicion as a return for the unconventional and acceptable, with the complete yield of the volume, coexist and converse with what is accepted and what is normal – simple use of outline through the drawing process – balance all the rudiments and statements.

The impersonal process of research converted to personal. Finding photographic documentary for the negotiation of personal concerns was the core of the artistic intervention. Pictures indicating death, decay, corruption, was the beginning of a process, which as fate, had an inner need of answering to experiential and empirical questions.

Pencil, charcoal, chalk form the illusion of a shadow that integrates the shapes and hides the stories of the characters. The element of transparency through the black and white materiality of my artistic pieces, is important for the puzzle that is completed slowly, but yet again dissolved to thousand of thoughts. The stagnation of the forms with my life experiences, record my personal concerns in order to let me free to connect with the viewer as well as myself.

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Larnaca, 11, Ioannou Gladstonos, Nikolaides ONE, shop 3

The O gallery is an independent commercial art gallery operating from our split level space in the heart of Larnaca. Our primary goal is to promote the existing generation of artists and also develop the next through exciting and engaging exhibitions and events. Our focus is to display original artworks that are not always going to be about the name but m...

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Femmes En Paroi


100 x 150 x 5 cm

4600,00 €

The Ink Soul #1701


68 x 267 x 5 cm

Ideas in Mind XV


30.5 x 41 cm

850,00 €

They Always Wanted to Fly


11 x 17.5 x 0.2 cm