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Summer LA Divorce (Self-Portrait) 4 Discover the best available selection of drawings & works on paper by the artist Simon Slater. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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Summer LA Divorce (Self-Portrait) 4




27.9 x 45.7 cm
10.98 x 18 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Collaged paper

, United States

"A Spontaneous Explosion of Abstract Expressionism Mixed with Experimental subconscious creation inspired by the very Essence of life. Capturing the colours, energy and positivity the world has to offer in my Artwork is essential to me. Personal happy experiences, my adventures and the wonderful people I've met along the way actively influence my Art. I Believe achieving happiness is the fundamental aim in life, I endeavour to promote Peace And Positivity A Glasgow based Artist creating Art for over nine years taking inspiration from the hustle and bustle of city life. I love to experiment with colours and I am constantly searching for new ways of applying paint to canvas. I am a great admirer of Street Art and take inspiration from the amazing colourful and energetic creations that randomly appear on the streets across the world Always Be A True Human, Respect Each Other, Strive for Peace! Best wishes Everyone, Thank you for looking at my Art. Simon Slater. Regularly Exhibiting in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Oxford. High Quality one of A kind Artwork for unique people. No Reproductions Ever! Keep Life Original!"

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New York, 661 Park Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Park Place Gallery derives its name from the street of its origin in Brooklyn, NYC, but it is also a nod to the original SoHo Park Place Gallery of the 1960’s. That creative mecca for then lesser known artists was formative to the careers of many New York greats including Mark di Suvero, Sol LeWitt, Eva Hesse, Brice Marden, Carl Andre, Al Held, Philip Gla...

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