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Calm Rivers #1


Signed Dated



124.46 x 200.66 cm
49.00 x 79 in







Simon Rohlen KEF! (Given name; Simon Rohlen, b. 1989) A huge aerosol on canvas titled, "Calm Rivers #1".  The framed work of art (measures 79 x 49 inches and is signed with both names, dated (2020) and titled on the verso by the artist.  An impressive work by one of the most popular street artists in the world today. 

Born in Aachen, Germany, Simon Rohlen Kef! started graffiti at the age of 14. Barely five years later, he began to extend his art to other surfaces such as canvas or paper. Attracted by the bustling Street Art scene, he moved to London in 2013, and hoped to find a place there in line with his art. Since 2015 he has been working in Berlin. According to him, painting in the street is like marking a wall in an almost indelible way. Hence the name, Kef! pointing to the scar. His work is based on the search for the feeling of freedom and harmony.

1989 , Germany

KEF! (born in 1989, Germany). Kef! (whose given name is Simon) began as a street artist and has evolved onto the alternative scene.  He approaches art as a spiritual practice and takes inspiration from nature, philosophy, and Buddhism.  His work is smooth and harmonious, using swirling lines that are at once free-flowing and intricately abstract.  He is a rising star in the art world, with galleries on waiting lists to receive new works. Look for his works and you will find most galleries out of stock and sold signs on his pieces!


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