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Antigesto (rizomas), nº 3



39 x 48 cm
15.35 x 19 in







Acrylic on canvas

1967 , Spain

Spanish artist born in Valencia, 1967. Sergio Barrera presents at ArteSantander his latest works under the title “Antigesto (rizomas)”. “In the works by Sergio Barrera the painting is resolved as an unfathomable intimacy that slides on the surface of the canvas. The painting manifests as a reserved abyss. We do not know if it advances or recedes. Our eyes are focused, the canvas condenses. The paint is disintegrating. Everything is resolved by operating in the arrangement of the pictorial space, assuming the error, or chance, as we choose to call it. That is why for some eyes it will never be the same and for others it may seem excessive. But for painters it will always be accurate, because it is a controlled randomness, despite always having the capacity to surprise.” David Barro

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Valencia, Plaza Miracle del mocadoret, 4

Since its inception in 2004 in Jávea (Alicante) and with the opening of a new exhibition space in Valencia in 2012, SET ESPAI D’ART’s proposal is centered on Spanish and international artists, focusing primarily on emerging and mid-career creators and with special commitment to interdisciplinary practices. SET ESPAI D'ART also serves as a platform f...

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