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Ivory Falconer


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



104 x 64 x 5 cm
40.94 x 25 x 1.97 in







Ivory Falconer is a modern, chic, mixed media wall sculpture. Made from high end pigmented lacquer (The satin lacquer is infused with pigment which allows the paint to become one with the clear coat resulting in a flawless translucent finish), black walnut, and MDF.

This piece is part of Scott's wildly popular "Falconer Series" which was developed in 2021.

Ivory Falconer provides an elegant juxtaposition and dialogue between the flawless monochromatic color palette and the organic walnut wood surfaces. The limited monochrome color palette emphasizes the form and composition over color.

As with all Scott's work he designed this piece to be somewhat reminiscent of past influences (mid century modernism and Art Deco) while also nodding to the future. The result is a stunning sculptural piece that will bring sophistication and elegance to any room.

Wired to hang and finished on all sides (Besides the back).

1971 Philadelphia, United States

Scott Troxel is an American abstract artist born in 1971 who lives & works in Marmora, NJ, USA. From an early age, Scott has been obsessed with modern art, color and design. He is a painter, sculptor and wall sculptor. Recently, a majority of his work has been in the form of wood mixed media wall sculpture because of the three dimensionnel medium process he does. He is always exploring materials and processes. Sometimes he uses repurposed and found materials and other times he purchases materials new.

Scott Troxel predominately works with wood as base medium, due to its strength, dimension and organic nature. The inherent texture of wood combined with paint and other man made materials allow him to explore the concepts of old and young, worn versus new, organic versus man-made and the past versus the present and future. He looks to capture a sense of time in my work and often combine the feeling of different eras within a single piece. He sees this as a direct parallel with human life, as we too grow older and interact with other generations, both younger and older. He is also particularly interested in items that were considered technologically or aesthetically advanced, only to be passed on by the consistency and tenacity of time. For example, an airplane boneyard where cutting edge fighter jets from the 60’s sit in forgotten decay. They are still beautiful to look at from a design standpoint, even though these are no longer modern in the sense that time and technology has passed them by.

He is particularly inspired by mid-century modernism, where wood and organic shapes were combined with other materials to suggest a type of futurism, though now they are considered vintage. Time has passed on but these pieces remain in that context of when they were designed. He wants his works feel this way, somewhat nostalgic, aged and organic with the feeling that it could also be from a future time.

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